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We are a Christian
College based in the USA


SAN GREGORIO College is a higher education provider created to be acceptable to all who proclaim they are Christians – a collegial gathering for advanced study for those who desire to seek out higher learning in the way Christians believe, understand, profess and proclaim the Good News.  What permits San Gregorio to appeal to all Christians is that there is more commonality among the basic tenants of Christian faith than there is discourse over issues that have exacerbated a common front over the past 500 years.

It is in that spirit of commonality that San Gregorio College wishes to assure all are welcome to study, learn and discuss those differences in a collegial Christian environment where all views are respected, discussed and researched in the spirt of commonality that all Christians possess personified by the belief in the one Lord, Jesus Christ.


San Gregorio College
14333 Beach Blvd, Ste 33
Jacksonville, FL, 32550, USA


Phone: +1 (904) 438 2828


Immersive Learning
Mobile Platform
e-Learning Campus


Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.