Doctor of Divinity

  SAN GREGORIO empowers learners to acquire, apply, and create knowledge through flexible and traditional education programs focusing on progressive and meaningful social relevance, personal enrichment, and professional advancement.

Program Introduction


Candidates must demonstrate at least 7 to 10 years of professional experience in Christian leadership roles as Pastors, Associate Pastors, Clergy, both men and women, lay volunteers with advanced leadership roles in various ministries and missionaries with considerable field experience and outreach to Christian constituencies, locally, nationally or internationally. Each are considered primary candidates.

Qualified Candidates

A competency based Doctor of Divinity degree program is recommended for SAN GREGORIO candidates who are accomplished experts and practitioners in their fields whether it is in Christian Studies, Theology, Business, Management, Entrepreneurship, Government, Education, and in either a for profit or nonprofit support Christian work environment with at least seven to ten years experience. Demonstrated competency equivalency for a Doctorate demands and requires the use of accumulated program learning to be applied in real-time settings. It offers potential for growth and/or creative interventions. Emphasis is placed upon the production of marketable outcomes.

Competency Degree Recognition

Virtually all US accredited universities and hundreds of foreign universities accept various levels of competency based prior learning experiences as equivalents for classroom based learning. Individual programs come from an elite cadre of participating colleges and universities in the USA and the UK, where both nations are home to institutions that offer qualified individuals complete degrees based on each candidates personal competency demonstrated in a particular field of expertise. This has long been a practice among other nation’s accredited universities. The most notable among them is FRANCE where the western standard was originally established.

Coping with Shortfalls in Demonstrated Competency

Where applicants lack various courses or programs, SAN GREGORIO will guide the individual to courses and programs that will help fill in the gaps to complete a degree's total requirements. Many of those courses can be obtained tuition free outside of those offered by SAN GREGORIO that will not require the candidate to pay tuition for courses that are offered without cost but satisfy a particular GAP in the SAN GREGORIO student’s Competency Plan.


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