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SAN GREGORIO empowers learners to acquire, apply, and create knowledge through flexible HIGHER education programs focusing on progressive and meaningful social relevance, personal enrichment, and professional advancement. The Associate Arts / Sports Mastery Program for Christian Athletes may be applied for directly through San Gregorio Department of Athletics.   

Program Introduction

An AA degree from SAN GREGORIO College appeals to adult learners looking to advance their careers in fields of Christian Ministry, Management, and Consulting within both the public and private sectors of OUR global society. The AA//BS degree pathway permits students to acquire their sought-after expertise in a progressive, stimulating and rigorous Christian learning environment in order to achieve their goals based on a unique blend of rigor and scholastic inquiry. This inquiry is fostered, mentored, and taught by highly skilled and accomplished academicians.

  • Enrollment - SAN GREGORIO students may enroll in any month of the year prior to the next months scheduled start of the classes they are enrolling. Enrollment will not be permitted beyond one month in advance. A minimum of six students must be enrolled in each class. No more than 25 students may be enrolled at any one time in a class. Students wishing to enroll in a class that is full will be scheduled and assigned to another section to permit as many students to enroll to meet student requirements. 
  • Enrollment Requirements - SAN GREGORIO is an OPEN ADMISSSIONS University. Enrollment continues from month to month for new matriculating students. Part time students taking two or less courses per eight week sessions will take approximately 1.5 to 2 plus years to complete the SAN GREGORIO AA Program. All AA enrolled undergraduate students have up to five years to complete their program degree requirements. Check the Catalog for complete details. 
  • Grading - The basic minimal guidelines for undergraduate student grades include student attendance; accumulated quiz scores; participation in discussions in class interactive forums; and cooperative research with other students. Mid-term exams and final exams account for a minimal 60% of a student’s term grade. Attendance, quizzes, and participation (includes written assignments) contribute a minimum of 40% to a student’s overall grade in accordance with San Gregorio policy. 


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