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SAN GREGORIO, students are surrounded by professors, leaders in their fields of expertise who bring scholar practitioner real-world experience on the cutting edge of thought and creativity to the cyber-world of San Gregorio advanced education. Through their efforts accompanied by latest Mixed Reality learning technology, each undergraduate and graduate SAN GREGORIO learner may acquire knowledge up to 50% faster. This breakthrough in learning absorption and accelerated completion learning is cutting their time of each course in half.

The faculty of San Gregorio are distinguished scholars and religious and Lay leaders, renown for shaping and defining entire fields of Christian study. The faculty is infused with a strong sense of pride in their teaching and a profound commitment that their work as educators will have dramatic impact in defending the fundamental values and the style of intellectual life that defines SAN GREGORIO.

They believe passionately that liberal education is a momentous calling and an ever-challenging responsibility, a project involving the highest standards of excellence and going deep into the bones of the College.

SAN GREGORIO faculty create active partnerships with students. They will consult with ALL Students about their career path and invites each of their students to join peer projects, or seek assistance from them to help you design your own.

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