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SAN GREGORIO offers its students accelerated custom designed learning through its University of One™V/Classroom The 2D/3D total immersive Mixed Reality learning designed to be compatible with all its programs from the AA to the PhD and for all its Certification skills training programs.

The University of One™ V/Classroom

This advanced learning is beyond eLearning as we have known it for the past 30 years for it is a System that brings the student/learner into a world completely surrounded by education as an interactive participant on a national and global scale. SAN GREGORIO students, faculty, and administrators have unrestricted Christian learning access to the university learning 24/7/365. With San Gregorio unrestricted system access, a learner may pursue their professional interests, receive personalized guidance, and avail themselves of faculty mentors. This is Classroom access on demand that permits and offers students the ability to conduct internships and reacquire their classes, lectures, and peer reviews and discussions as many times as needed.

A learner may engage in online student project cooperation, participate in online face to face threaded passive and live discussions, undertake one on one private sessions with faculty, take proctored exams, submit and review research and develop projects using the SAN GREGORIO 150,000 volume resident online library with full text capability and professional librarians standing by to assist.

Weekly attendance, residency, and flexible requirements and term schedules are ancillary to the SAN GREGORIO student learning experience. Faculty design the immersive class experience to enhance their students learning opportunity while assuring each student meets the required number of classroom contact hours and the suggested after class hours for advanced study – 90 hours of contact and 270 hours outside class for study as minimum standards per three credit hour credit college level requirement. San Gregorio required time commitment mirror the Carnegie protocols for accreditation.

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