The Future of Learning

San Gregorio College & University is making school-based infrastructure irrelevant and obsolete to Christian learning as the first Cyber-based global Christian university.

A unique personalized education experience awaits San Gregorio students that rapidly develops student knowledge in an environment controlled by the student, safe from harm, inside or outside the University.

San Gregorio is the first University in the world to be built entirely around and possess the technologically advanced learning system that teaches and protects both student and school. It permits San Gregorio learners to survive and prosper, anywhere in the world the school chooses to be - even under extreme austere and prohibitive conditions.

University of One™ V/Classroom

This advanced learning was created by the creator and developer of San Gregorio, Global Academy (Online), the inventors of the marque Learner Management System that embodies within it an exclusive Mixed Reality combination technology. The technology is completely imbedded as a standalone system remotely online and with aids provided by San Gregorio that pools together advanced traditional pedagogy and adapts it to the San Gregorio course management system(s).

The University of One™ V/Classroom offers San Gregorio learners the capability to acquire knowledge faster and acquire their personal academic skills more RAPIDLY- up to 50% vs. only a 14% increase if used within a traditional ground based classroom.

Research validates that the San Gregorio Mixed Reality learning will not only outperform all previously developed learner management systems but enable students to complete their degree programs in half the time compared to a traditional classroom based brick and mortar school.

The adjoining photo shows the student donning an immersive operational device provided by the University (they very in design) as he steps immediately inside San Gregorio and enters his virtual classroom. A hand held palm device activates augmented reality and transports the student to a world of their own totally immersive learning. The learner controls the learning, environment, data transfer, direction, and the depth of learning desired. 

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