University of One™ V/Classroom

San Gregorio State of the Art Immersive Accelerated Learning
San Gregorio Student Private, Secured, Advanced, learning Technology.
San Gregorio Adaptable and Compatible with Windows Mixed Reality & all other 3rd party Immersive Virtual & Augmented Reality hardware.


University of One™ V/Classroom is compatible with Windows Mixed Reality & third party Virtual Reality hardware 

Experience Reality
Like Never Before

Introducing SAN GREGORIO, Mixed Reality Immersive education platform, The. University of One™ V/Classroom allows Learners to immerse into 2D/3D Virtual and Augmented Worlds and learn absorbed within Artificial Mixed Reality. San Gregorio Immersion is a perception of being physically present in a non-physical world.

San Gregorio Learning has been developed in house and this technology offers both Narrative and Spatial Immersion experiences. 


Narrative Immersion

Narrative immersion occurs when a learner becomes invested in a story, and is similar to what is experienced while reading a book or watching a movie.

Spatial Immersion

Spatial immersion occurs when a learner feels the simulated world is perceptually convincing. The learner feels that he or she is really "there" & the world looks "real". 

Experience the Power: 

San Gregorio Students Immerse in a series of amazing digital Worlds, Journey through vast, awe-inspiring landscapes. Experience the surroundings and study using San Gregorio University of One™ V/Classroom Immersive Platform.

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