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The World’s Largest Christian Electronic Library 

SAN GREGORIO high-quality electronic Library collection available to students exceeds 150,000 titles. Also included in the Library are an abundance of FREE courses outside those offered by the university that once completed and verified may be used as prior learning experiences to substitute for college or diploma credit.

The library's electronic resources includes full-text bibliographic resources 24/7 within the SAN GREGORIO complete collegiate academic library including text, journals, publications, etc., all selected specifically for the exclusive access for SAN GREGORIO Learners, Faculty, Administration and Staff.

SAN GREGORIO has also selected specialty resources in order to custom develop and launch the University’s own innovative student centered library by including access to a world library of 100,000 volumes and multiple university collections from noted domestic and international coveted Library collections.

Monthly events that provide insight to contemporary issues domestically and internationally that affect the world we live are offered by experts in multiple fields. The EVENTS generously provide students with a global view and greater understanding of the environment and world as it affects them, their desired or current profession and their own Christian beliefs and outreach.

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