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Program Introduction

SAN GREGORIO Master of Science in Christian Leadership prepares students for expanded job responsibility and administrative roles by concentration on developing their Christian managerial and leadership qualities across a wide spectrum of desired inherent skills that are expected of today’s religious leaders, missionaries, pastors, and volunteers.

Students will acquire a complete understanding and grasp of each facet demanded of modern organizational leaders today including their ability to bring dynamic management knowledge and human relation skills to their own religious organization as a servant leader or those for whom they work.  

  • Delivery - SAN GREGORIO MS is taught in a non-traditional environment over 8 consecutive weeks including mid-term exam and finals. Once accepted, students may enroll at any time. All MS students are expected to be proficient in English and to have successfully navigated an online course at either the high school or undergraduate levels.
  • MS Academic Term - Requires 30 Credit Hours and includes Eight (8) required courses and two electives. The student load permitted is a maximum of three courses per month of an eight week session. Each new session begins on the first or near the first of each succeeding month. A learner’s grade point average must average to an overall “B” grade. This is 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or an (S) for Satisfactory on a Pass or Fail system; the choice of the student.
  • Enrollment - SAN GREGORIO students may enroll in any month of the year prior to the next months scheduled start of the classes they are enrolling. Enrollment will not be permitted beyond one month in advance. A minimum of six students must be enrolled in each class. No more than 25 students may be enrolled at any one time in a class. Students wishing to enroll in a class that is full will be scheduled and assigned to another section to permit as many students to enroll to meet student requirements.
  • Enrollment Requirements - SAN GREGORIO is an OPEN Admissions University. Enrollment continues from month to month for new matriculating students. Part time students taking two or less courses per eight week sessions will take approximately 1 to 2 plus years to complete the SAN GREGORIO College MS program. All MS enrolled graduate students have up to five years to complete their program degree requirements. Check the Catalog for complete details.
  • Grading - The basic minimal guidelines for graduate student grades include student attendance whether online or via distance or on-ground; accumulated quiz scores; participation in discussions in class forums; and cooperative research with other students. Mid-term exams and final exams account for a minimal 60% of a student’s term grade. Attendance, quizzes, and participation (includes written assignments) contribute a minimum of 40% to a student’s overall class session grade in accordance with SGC College policy. 


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